We’ve returned to Lilyfield and are running our chocolate and perfume-making workshops from our refurbished custom venue.

It’s great to be back!

In 2022 we had a fire at the Kimberley Chocolates premises. The fire was caused by an electrical fault and thankfully nobody was hurt. There was some damage to our building and equipment from heat and smoke.

Under the expert guidance of our teachers, you will be introduced to the fundamental principles of perfume-making, immersing your senses in a harmonious blend of ~ creativity and craftsmanship ~ as you compose two unique fragrances – one bottle of Eau de toilette (EDT) and one bottle of Eau De Parfum (EDP).

Delve into the fascinating world of perfumery and indulge your olfactory senses as you explore a diverse range of aromatic essences, from delicate florals to exotic spices, and from earthy woods to zesty citruses.

With an array of premium ingredients at your disposal, you will experiment, mix, and match notes to design your very own signature fragrances.

Please note:

– For private events, our venue can accommodate 20 guests.

– Please arrive 15 minutes before your class.

– The session will be about two hours to two hours and fifteen minutes long, depending on how much time you want to spend perfecting your perfume.

– Perfect for beginners, no experience required.

– For private mobile bookings, extra fees will apply.

What you’ll get:

– One 30ml bottle of perfume EDT and one 15ml EDP blended by you (valued at $120 each)

– Glass spray/roll-on bottles are provided.


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You can easily book online via ClassBento and Urban Swan.

You can also use the Class Bento link below, phone 0412 865 001, send an email or use our enquiry form.

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The perfume workshop

Our Make Your Own Fragrance perfume making workshop starts with a brief history of perfume and its evolution throughout the ages, an exploration of our sense of smell and how smell identification is very closely associated with emotions and memory. We discuss how perfumes are layered using odourants that evaporate at different rates.
The top note is smelt when you first apply the perfume and is made up of highly volatile odourants. Blend these top note odourants until you come up with a fragrance that is close to your soul.
The next stage is to mix the heart note. You mix these odourants until you feel that the perfume is in tune with your own heart.
The base note of the perfume is what lasts. Woody, musk and amber are predominant odourants for this note.

Perfume Making Workshop Gallery